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Hi, my name is Mike B. Thanks for coming to my site. You came here because you are either concerned about your business search engine rankings, want to create or update your outdated/nonexistent website, or both. The past three years the focus of my digital work has been Search Engine Optimization (SEO) while my Web Design and Graphic Design jobs have taken a backseat to the SEO demand. Having a strong web and graphic design foundation has allowed me to provide a “one-stop-shop” for those looking for website and business enhancements on a budget.

SEO Services Los Angeles

Six years of  Los Angeles SEO Experience

I have been doing SEO for about 6 years. I inadvertently fell into SEO through the web design and graphic design work I was doing for various businesses.  It made perfect sense.  What’s the use of a nice looking website if  it’s not “on the map”  in terms of internet exposure or ranking for your relevant business audience? If you are serious about your business or online creative endeavors you need search engine and internet presence, there is no way around it.

I Also Design Websites.

I mostly create on the WordPress platform since it is time and cost efficient, robust, and versatile in terms of layout and functionality. I also work traditional HTML(5) and can adapt to other website creating platforms if need be but WordPress is what I recommend to my clients and what I prefer to work on.

So yes, I get the SEO job done. If you’re looking to be a successful business and formidable competitor in your business and demographic categories I can help you. I’ve accomplished remarkable ranking improvements for some of the toughest keywords and business markets in Los Angeles. If I can make strides in those arenas I am confident I can help your business client/customer intake and make your business look good while doing it.

Give me a holler if it sounds like you could use my help.



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PHP Coding25%
Graphic Design100%
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